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Hello, and welcome to our DaeZig Wiki (DaeZig Legends Wiki/DaeZig National Wiki), the national encyclopedia of DaeZig and all things Carsic. This platform is provided by the honorable and exemplary Master Vector. At a year and nine months in the making, it is the centerpiece of the Xobbian Renaissance, and the core of the long-awaited effort to re-imagine DaeZig and re-build this Empire in a rational and maintainable form worthy of the honor and effort of all who have given to it and its predecessors from the Classic Years to the present..

For years, DaeZig did not have an information resource that did it justice. Those capable of providing such a resource chose not to, or were prohibited from doing so for reasons that today make no sense. DaeZig's great culture was allowed to dissipate, as the authorities prioritized national power and stability over all else (including the very existence of a true DaeZig Nation). The policies of the past (esoteric, cumbersome, impulsive) are best left in the past, along with aggressive ideologies and militarism. As we seek to make DaeZig a people-based subcultural society (fully welcoming all generations of former members, and their perspectives), we turn to write a new page in our history.

Welcome to the DaeZig National Wiki! What would you like to read about today?
Sinsira Cina
Vamont Cina
Empress Xobb
Lord Amparo Vaemont
Lord Risardyo Vaemont
Lord Sicone Vaemont
Benevolent Darkness
Virtual Equivalencies
Carsiekan Language
DaeZig Zjento
Worldwide Consolidation
Valstrazian Ziggism

As a disclaimer, the factuality of anything written on this Wiki is not guaranteed. DaeZig is an old project, prone to self-dramatization. A foreign reader should be aware that this has been a community of role-players. When reading about past events one deems extreme, one should consider the whole nature of the community at the time. One should also bear in mind that regardless of the mentalities of past nationals, those who are present today (including the leadership) at least appear to have all of their marbles.