Lord Sicone Vaemont

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Sicone Vaemont jo NIKOnet
Born 1990
Joined DaeZig 1995
Original Community Kingdom of Carsieka
Current Community Vamont
Role View section
Level of Integration Core Class
Activity status Semi-Regular

Lord Sicone Vaemont is a present and historical figure in DaeZig. He holds the second-oldest still-active membership of any DaeZig citizen. His role on the Trio of Lords continues an epic two decade-long political career which began in the days of Carsieka. Sicone is the co-founder of DaeZig as a nation (alongside Lord Death) and one of the three founders of NIKOnet's DaeZig Empire alongside Lord Amparo Vaemont and Lord Risardyo Vaemont. He is the present Director of the Black Army and Community Administrator of Vamont (the community he was named after).


Jesse u Heritage (the future Sicone Vaemont), a native of Carsieka's home San Luis Obispo County, joined the Carsiekan citizenry at age 5. Members of his family including Violet jo Vamont (his mother) attest that he was exceptionally wise and mature for his age, though Carsieka was not known for any form of discrimination anyway as it considered all U.S. citizens in certain states to be its rightful citizens. It was not unusual for children to be accepted as full members.

By 1997, Jesse was distinguishing himself as a child prodigy. He had answered Carsieka's general request for a fuel-free transportation system by inventing the Bike Train, which gained him a measure of popularity. He also volunteered regularly to man the metal detector when Richard u Templeton would go treasure hunting (Richard had promised Lazar II that if he ever found anything of great value, the proceeds would go to Carsieka).

Jesse decided that he wanted to join the ranks of royalty and to preside over his own Rexina. He was able to secure the permission of his parents to pursue this, and his family made the family ranch into the Vamont Rexina, thereby securing for him the position of Prince.

Rise to power

Membership in Carsieka was the light of Jesse's young life. The boy did not connect with other children. To him, Carsieka was a place that made him feel accepted and secure. When in 1998 the Council of Heads made the decision to terminate the self-proclaimed state, which to Jesse had not appeared to be failing, the Prince became understandably irate. He refused to recognize the D-E Declaration as valid because King Lazar did not approve it.

After it became clear to him that Carsieka was gone, Prince Jesse proclaimed the Kingdom of Vamont, hoping that other loyal ex-Carsiekans would simply switch their allegiance to a new government headquartered at Vamont instead of Archme. This did not happen because no one was going to follow an eight year old in place of the heirs of Johnathan. To reward his loyalty, however, and in recognition of his own failures, Lazar II gave Jesse the Carsi Stone "to keep it safe".

The influence of the Vamontian Kingdom was limited to its home Rexina with its palace made of thin wood sheets. Jesse's throne was a simple leather chair. Those few who joined the Kingdom were not the ex-Carsiekans Jesse had hoped for but those who were attracted to the idea of Vamont itself (they included his family members, other children and teenagers and a few impressed adults).

Leaving the Carsiekan heartland behind in 2002 to get farther into the country (and away from the former Carsiekan "capital" of San Miguel), King Jesse and his family moved to Lassen County. As this was before Vamont became an Internet-based entity, it meant that he had to effectively re-found his Kingdom. The Vista Rexina was created as the new capital of Vamont. Some old members of the nation did remain in contact at this point, but they were not able to provide Jesse's project with much support.

Jesse decided that Vamont was his life. By age 12 he had either served or led a micronation for the majority of his years. He also decided that if Vamont was his and his alone (not to be shared with other ex-Carsiekans) he should use it to create a vision. He spent first year of the "Northern" Kingdom's existence hammering out an original culture for it and insisting that his subjects contribute ideas to this. He discarded the ideas that he didn't like and applied the ideas that he did (often altered from their original proposal). With this practice, Vamont was able to create its own customs, its own styles of art and expression, and its own sports.

King Jesse kept Vamont Carsiekan in a number of ways. He did not create his own language for it, and he made sure that Carsiekan Philosophy was known and shared. In the local setting, he was able to build and maintain an active citizen count of approximately one dozen).

As King of the established Vamont

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Creating and ruling DeathZig

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Survival and takeover of the Ziggist Revolution

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Retirement and lesser high-level service

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  • DaeZig Lord
  • B.A. Director
  • Community Administrator of Vamont


  • Chief Organizer of WartimeX Systems, NAC