Worldwide Consolidation

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This article covering a very important topic is basic. A more thorough version of this article will be published once it is completed.

Worldwide Consolidation is a major foundational concept and objective of Carsic civilization. It is a philosophy which calls for the harmonious fusion of all world cultures in order to "salvage" human art and heritage while obliterating the tenets of world civilization. Under Worldwide Consolidation, nations are reforged with Johnathanian thought (the Carsiekan objective) and lose their independent character in the process (as well as all non-Johnathanian thought and ideas). The idea was conceived by King Johnathan and was an essential component of Carsiekan state ideology. In DaeZig, the notion of conquering or changing the world in any way has fallen well into the backdrop, though the idea of a fusion of world civilizations (remade in the image of Benevolent Darkness) remains and is a pretext for DaeZig's instances of cultural appropriation.