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The flag of Vamont. Dark blue is for the early days. Orange is for the Cyberization. Green is for Vamont after 2006. The black Surpluz ("Vamont Symbol") on a white field is reminiscent of the flag of Carsieka from long ago.

Vamont (Carsiekan: Zakanese), formally the Vamont Cina, is one of the two Cinas (Founding Communities) of DaeZig, and by a large margin, the older of the two. It is, and has been since 2007, the second most-populous of the Cinas by the measure of active members. Vamont's cyberspace consists of several ancient websites (including two forums) and the IRC server VamontNet. With the loss of the Vista Rexina in 2014, it no longer possesses any physical territory.


The Kingdom of Vamont was founded in 1998, at an esoteric ritual in the arena of the fallen Kingdom of Carsieka's Vamont Rexina. A sand dome bearing the name "Vamont" ("Grand Mountain") was dedicated to the new Kingdom, by its founder, Carsiekan Prince Jesse of the Vamont Rexina. The new King adopted the Surpluz (the Carsiekan symbol for unity) as the polity's symbol, to implore the Carsiekan people to come together under his leadership and reconstitute their nation. The Kingdom then took official possession of the Rexina, and proclaimed itself the successor of the Carsiekan monarchy.

Vamont was a small micronational kingdom near the central coast of California from 1998 to until 2002, and in northeastern California from 2002 to 2005 (the basis of the modern online incarnation was created in 2003, when Vamont Global, the Internet team, was set up). Vamont blossomed during the Genzit period, having by then become a well-organized society, with an artificially-created culture of its own design. It declined in 2004, and in 2005, it federated with its newly-created brother-country, DaeZae, to form the DeathZig Empire (ending its independence).

As part of DeathZig, and later of DaeZig, Vamont has remained remarkably stable and consistent, through multiple cycles of decline and renewal (as well as brief periods of independence). Its core of cores has been the remnants of the old staff-society from northeastern California. Members of a number of small tight-knit generation-based groups of Vamontians (the oldest being a 2003-2004 group from Valstraz and a 2004-2005 group from the High Quadrant) have periodically returned to Vamontian cyberspace and generation-mixed, maintaining a cohesion of the generations.

Staff-society & Politics

Vamont tends to organize itself as a "staff-society", meaning there is seldom separation between the government and the citizenry (Antipatriotism is unheard-of in Vamont because of this, as the polity functions as an organization, and therefore everyone must assume a role - uninterested people are driven away). Possession of a skillset is usually a perquisite to successful membership in Vamont. Vamont continues to be a nation of government employees, each with a specialty of some sort.

Numerous veteran DaeZigs, including from the DeathZig and FinalZig eras, have made Vamont their home, after the demises of their own communities (these include the former FinalZig Directors Lords Sakon and Vandetta). When they are involved with politics, they typically serve a DaeZig-wide role, rather than a merely Vamontian role.

Due to its age, its loyal composition (it, aside from NIKOnet and RevDaeZae-QuasSurreal, is the only active majority-Core Class community), and a history of militancy, Vamont has a historical reputation as a bastion of DaeZig Nationalism and Conservatism - including Monolatrist Moon Cult religion and hard-line Valstrazian Ziggism. Whenever DaeZig has been "threatened" by immigrants, or by new ideas from the outside world, Vamont has used its large influence to re-assert the control of the Neo-Carsiekan Core Class. The DaeZig Moon Cult and the Black Army are led by Vamontians.

Economy & Productivity

Vamont is the home of DaeZig industry. More computer programs are written by Vamontians than by any other group in DaeZig. WartimeX Systems is Vamont-based, as is Vamontian Cyberdyne Systems. VamontNet is home to the Drazad Omega "virtual supercomputer" and the Red One Data Stream (the largest DaeZig IRC Data Stream ever built). It is the only cyberspace where the Exx is used.


Vamont's rich culture of the Genzit has, by and large, disappeared, for generational reasons (things like the staff-society are remaining vestiges). The Carsiekan language remains beloved, but genuine fluency is rare. It is the community's continuing interest in old indigenous mythology which keeps it self-obsessed, and helps it preserve its united sense of "apartness" and pride.

Despite all of the cultural attrition, Vamont's cyberspace still retains its ancient appearance, including through the use of the Paradigm Skin for its forums (this skin is temporarily offline, as software changes are underway), and through maximal use of color to decorate its IRC server.

The once-influential VamontRPG has ceased to exist since 2013, dealing a blow to the post-Genzit population's conception of Vamont.

In 2019, a new drive is underway to restore lost culture.

Visual Art

By contrast with other DaeZig communities, Vamont has done well preserving its generations of visual art. The Vamontian Art Gallery is expected to re-launch in 2020, and will display a collection of the greatest and most iconic pieces of Vamontian art, from throughout the community's history. The new gallery will include works from as early as 2002, and as recent as 2013 - works by various artists from different generations.

Film and GIFs

Vamont had (and still has) a tradition of low-budget comedy film-making. An early example of this was "A Movie About Cereal".

Memes and Ruse Theater

Vamont is known for its strange (and sometimes obnoxious) memes, particularly the Bliob memes. It is also home to the Ruse Theater, a tradition where Vamontians (using alternate accounts) pose as "new citizens" who are shown, either immediately or after some time, to possess severe psychological or mental deficiencies. These eccentric "persons" disturb and awe the collective audience (who suspend their disbelief) with absurd actions, until they are forcibly removed from the cyberspace by the Community Administration. Once one of these so-called "new citizens" has been banned, their personality is kept alive, as a meme.


Vamontians celebrate August 1st, the yearly anniversary of DaeZig's national foundation. They also celebrate Vamont Day, Neo-Carsiekan May Day, the Day of The Son of the Black Moon (once known and celebrated throughout DaeZig as the Day of Reminding), and DaeZig Christmas.

"Agenda 2019"

On February 6th, 2018, the Community Administration of Vamont announced its intention to begin rehabilitating Genzit culture by the beginning of the following year. A new "Core of Core Class" was subsequently founded, made up of people who had time to dedicate to Vamontian cultural activities. The Abaza Dance Theater, the Hihnina-3, and the CIRCU teaching program are all the result of this project.