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The Trio of Lords is DaeZig's supreme authority under the constitution (with unlimited authority to alter or abolish the constitution), though it is required to delegate autocratic power to the Imperial Sovereign, who is considered divine and is treated as the "national incarnate". The Trio of Lords succeeds the earlier Council of Lords of the late DeathZig period through the Grander DaeZig Empire period (albeit with far greater stature). It is the first body in Carsic history whose members are named by the constitution: Lord Amparo Vaemont, Lord Risardyo Vaemont and Lord Sicone Vaemont.


After the disastrous collapse of the Grander DaeZig Empire (a state which which itself had been founded five years before in the aftermath of the failure of the FinalZig Union, the rule of which had virtually annihilated Carsic cybercivilization) in 2012, power over the future of "DaeZig" was left in the hands of the Sisterland Front (now rebranded the National Conservative Party). The Sisterland Front was a political faction uniting a number of Populist, Nationalist and veteran figures. These figures, with a collective 44 years of experience as members of DaeZig and its predecessors, concluded that the best way to guarantee the nation's safety after the failure of Silvianism was to fully entrust power into the hands of those who had shown the most zeal for DaeZig and Carsic civilization over the course of history (rather than those coming and going in the community). Sicone Vaemont (Lord Vamont), the man who prevented the dissolution of the total Carsiekan nation, was an obvious choice. Risardyo Maleificus Daeobi (Lord Maleificus), who had helped lead DaeZig to greatness in 2010, and insisted on performing his duties as Overseer even while he was laying in a hospital bed in critical condition, was another. Amparo Sakon Vaemont (Lord Sakon), a staunch believer in the Moon Legend and the last remaining Radical Ziggist leader, had been an active figure in the Daesigan Era calling for a return of cultural education and traditional values despite standing alone on these issues; he was yet another. None of the other members of the Sisterland Front had both a comparable resume and the ability to commit to permanent management of DaeZig, so a Trio was the outcome.

The Trio of Lords, in its own opinion, serves to guarantee the future of DaeZig better than any transient figure ever could.

Record of Tenure

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