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The flag of Sinsira. The hashtag represents the community's IRC habitat. The Surpluz represents DaeZig. Red and black (red greater) are the colors of DaeZae heritage. The "muscular leg" of the Surpluz stands for the authority of the Sinsiran Administration.

Sinsira, also known as the Sinsira Cina, is one of DaeZig's two Cinas, making up, together with Vamont, "DaeZig Prime". Because of its NIKOnet origins, as well as its status as the cosmopolitan heart of DaeZig's empire, it is nicknamed The Capital Province. Sinsira is the largest, most exposed, and most centrally-prioritized Administrative Entity in DaeZig. It is primarily an IRC-based community, and hence its name is often synonymous with the Sinsira IRC Network.


After the collapse of the DeathZig Empire in 2006, the NIKOnet IRC Network was broken into a number of different entities controlled by different parties (all claiming the name NIKOnet, or at least some of NIKOnet's legacy). These fragments served as capitals of different polities, or were simply home to remnants of the broader pre-DeathZig community. Some were wards of the Head Group of FinalZig. DeathZig NIKOnet, the remaining DeathZig portion, served as the capital of both TSCDZ and the FinalZig Union, and was the "dominant" NIKOnet until the Halloween Coup brought an end to DeathZig primacy in the Union.

In 2007, DeathZig's Empress Silvia decided to make reunification of NIKOnet a cornerstone of her strategy to redraw FinalZig on DeathZig's terms. In pursuit of it, first she sponsored the formation of ETHOnet, and then she encouraged its leader, Ankit jo ETHOnet, to absorb NIKOnet userbases into his own, aiming to have ETHOnet overtake the others and become "the new NIKOnet". This project largely succeeded, to the alarm of DeathZig's opponents, and ETHOnet became the largest NIKOnet successor entity in existence. It wasn't originally Silvia's intention to annex ETHOnet; the Empress would have been satisfied placing her capital within a friendly foreign community, however, after the ETHOnet Protests broke out, and were crushed by DaeZig administrators (infamously Lord Vamont and Tsume "The Tsunami" jo ETHOnet, Ankit jo ETHOnet defied DaeZig by declaring the network dissolved. With a community power vacuum present after Ankit dissolved his administration, the decision to annex was made. ETHOnet's whole (excluding most former protesters) was then absorbed into DaeZig, rechristened "Sinsira" (meaning "Beautiful and Dear" in Carsiekan), and officially proclaimed "The Third NIKOnet".

Early DaeZig rule

Sinsira, between 2007 and 2008, was a modestly-sized IRC-based community (30 ~ 50 regular denizens), and its cyberspace was divided into three sections: the DaeZig capital core (now modern NIKOnet), the heavily-policed "Public Space" (open to foreigners and new arrivals), and the "Shadow Network" (a collection of isolated, unlisted channels belonging to different "culturally compatible" communities, one of which was RINGS). The polity was centrally administered by DaeZig, and had essentially no self-supporting administration (according to Silvianist doctrine, provinces having an administrative class would have impaired the state's ability to localize troubles). The position of Sector Administrator was passed about between top-level DaeZigs during this time.

Overseer Snow's policies

Much of Sinsira's population base relocated or disappeared in 2008, but this was not a lasting calamity, because Lord Snow instituted the Openness Reform while enough of the base was left for Sinsira to negotiate advantageous IRC mergers. Snow's strategy for linking, known as Absorption or Digestion amounted to a variable "bait-and-switch" scheme, under which any IRC network was permitted to link with Sinsira on very liberal terms, but then would be purged of anything that DaeZig found unacceptable. Snow's strategy brought hundreds of new denizens to Sinsira. In early 2009, Sinsira was placed under the administration of Billy Window jo Sinsira, following the absorption of his large network. Billy Window, a prospective member of the Core Class, and an Amethyst Hole recipient, instituted a governing reform that introduced limited democracy to Sinsira. He set up the User Council, and wrote Sinsira a community constitution. He also commissioned the Sinsiran Web Community, as a deliberate bid to expand Sinsira off IRC.

There was nothing proven against Billy Window's loyalty to the Throne (and Snow herself considered him a "keeper"), but on the insistence of Empress Daesiga, he was purged from the community, and exiled from DaeZig. Kabaka jo Sinsira was made Sector Administrator after him.

Sinsira was at the center of several small wars in 2009, resulting from the dark side of the Absorption strategy (disgruntled purgees): the Window Insurgency, eRealm Conflict, and the EuropeChat War. In these conflicts, the Black Army neutralized or crushed DaeZig's opponents without much effort.

After Snow

After the end of DaeZig's Snow Oversight, Sinsira's growth stopped, and DaeZig control strengthened. The remaining immigrant administrators - those who had brought their IRC servers to Sinsira under Snow - integrated into the DaeZig Core Class. The Snow-brought denizen base was less "culturally compatible" with DaeZig than the 2007-2008 base was (it consisted mainly of Casualrys and Indonesians), but nonetheless, it proved to be controllable (as Lord Snow had assured). By 2010, population numbers were essentially stable (declining slowly), and the demographics had taken their final form of the Grander DaeZig Empire period.

The populations of Indonesians, Casual Chatters, Dark Otakus, Furries, Techies, and Ethnic DaeZigs who migrated to the network during the Snow Oversight e-lived in peace and harmony with each other through the Maleificus Oversight, and long into the Kabaka Oversight (when Sinsira's Kabaka became DaeZig Overseer). The Core Class maintained a minecraft server, and the community was home to two I-radio stations. Cyber-industry grew on the network during this time (2009-2011). Sinsira finished the Grander DaeZig Empire period divided into administrative Subsectors: NIKOnet, Alexandria, Daesigo, and IndoSinsira.

Collapse of the Grander DaeZig Empire

The political disintegration of DaeZig's state apparatus, from late 2011 into mid-2012, caused the loss of most of Sinsira's communities in under six months. Daesigo (home of the Nenshites) left first, concurrently with the abdication of Empress Daesiga (which caused the DaeZig collapse). The Cina's cyberspace fell into a state of dilapidation, and despite it experiencing a trickle of newcomers, denizens became dissatisfied with the state of their e-home, and frustrated by the mounting political tensions. IndoSinsira depopulated between November of 2011 and May of 2012, and Alexandria left in May of 2012. Rushed promotion was undertaken afterwards, but this did not yield a healthy replacement userbase.

Sinsira became a member of the DaeZig Confederation after the Grander DaeZig Empire was dissolved, and joined NIKOnet's DaeZig Empire after that.


Since 2013, Sinsira has been under Community Administrator Lord Risardyo Vaemont. The last vestiges of Sinsira's gutted Neue Years community disappeared that year, leaving Risardyo, and a tiny handful of loyal post-GDZE Sinsirans, as the sole population of the Cina. Despite all of the problems of the Darkened Years in DaeZig, Risardyo, on his own, rebuilt the Sinsiran base, by utilizing Confederate-period community relationships as a means to expand the IRC network. He absorbed CatieChat in 2015.

Risardyo Vaemont began receiving assistance from the Xobbian government in 2016. Initially, the central government in NIKOnet was only able to complete small construction projects, but as Xobbian DaeZig has become a stronger state, it has been able to bring population growth to Sinsira, as well.


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