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This article covering a very important topic is basic. A more thorough version of this article will be published once it is completed.

Roleplaying is a form of collective fiction-writing. In Neo-Carsiekan online communities, it has ranged from a recreational gaming activity to a lifestyle (one allowing the mental "physicalization" of e-life). IRC naturally promotes roleplaying due to its built-in fictional-action feature (/me). IRC communities, even those made up of people who do not consider themselves roleplayers, almost universally dabble in roleplaying through interactive use of the "/me" command. Roleplay-dabbling also less commonly develops in forum-based communities as well.

Roleplaying has a long history in DaeZig, where it was once a staple of the community activities. So-called "Lifestyle Roleplaying" (the practice of suspending disbelief while roleplaying a physical story corresponding in realtime with the events of one's e-life) was once a standard format for e-living in DaeZig.