Lord Risardyo Vaemont

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Risardyo Vaemont jo NIKOnet
Born 1990
Joined DaeZig 2008
Original Community Nensha
Current Community Sinsira
Role View section
Level of Integration Core Class
Activity status Regular

Lord Risardyo Vaemont is a present and historical DaeZig figure who is currently a member of the Trio of Lords as well as the Supervisor of the DaeZig Congress. He previously served as Overseer of the Grander DaeZig Empire. Risardyo (Namaste) is the present Community Administrator of Sinsira.

Late in December 2018, Risardyo (28 years old) was acknowledged to have a "serious illness".


Risardyo Vaemont (then Mal-Mal jo RINGS) first appeared in what is now Nensha in 2008. At first a casual visitor to Sinsira, he was a regularly-active member of the primary non-Core Class community there by roughly the time of the 2009 Population Boom.

After the 2009 Population Boom increased the population of Sinsira from 45 in January 2009 to over four hundred in February 2009 (including a sizable increase of the number of English-speaking denizens), Overseer Snow approved a plan for limited democracy in the Sector in the form of the User Council. All citizens were granted the right to vote in the 2009 Sinsiran Council Election. Mal-Mal, a noted figure in both the Nenshite community on Sinsira as well as the English-speaking community in general, ran and was elected.


Mal-Mal became the Director of the User Council, and he presided over historic cases such as Caleb v. Sinsira. He proved himself a fair and just member of the Sinsiran establishment, and though he was not a member of DaeZig's Core Class, the Core Class (including Empress Daesiga) respected him. His skills as a leader and a diligent organizer were universally-recognized at the time by all members of the communities who knew him.

In the summer of 2009, along with Lady Rene jo Za Daezaeka and General Akun jo Sinsira, Mal-Mal was decided by the Empress to be a member of the "Troika" of specially-talented individuals who were to be considered for future DaeZig leadership positions (the word Troika in this case is believed to have originated from her fixation with Soviet government history; in Russia, a Troika is three people).

Though the User Council's influence declined in later 2009, Mal-Mal's profile did not. He agreed to integrate into the Core Class and adopt Ziggism into his personal belief system, sealing his identity as a DaeZig. He assumed the name Lord Maleificus. The next time the position of Overseer opened, he was appointed by Daesiga.

Early Oversight

The Maleificus Oversight began on December 29th, 2009. It was to be just as long as, and just as beneficial as, the Snow Oversight. Lord Maleificus began his career as a political genius, fiercely loyal to Empress Daesiga and with grand ambitions for his country. Among his first acts was to establish the website DaeZig.info, the first true public national website in DaeZig history since the end of the DeathZig Empire in 2006. Maleificus' website supplanted the role of earlier Info Boards and offered DaeZig a kind of exposure that Info Boards and the previous website could not. This first task removed DaeZig from its previous status of being mostly-submerged in the Deep Web. The website gave outsiders and non-Core Class DaeZigs alike unrestricted access to all of the essential information about the Empire including the names of all Sectors, the text of the Constitution, a basic history lesson and a page explaining the Valstrazian Ziggist ideology up front.

Maleificus forged a partnership with the Vamontian Administration. Vamont at that point consisted of three "Vamonts": Old Vamont (sparse remnants of the 2003-2005 Vamont Empire re-activated by Overseer Snow), New Vamont (a small roleplaying community led by Lord Breaker, to which Snow belonged) and Vistan Vamont (a two-person remnant of the Genzit-era Kingdom of Vamont consisting of former King George and Elijah jo Vamont). Maleificus understood that those ghosts did not represent the future of a DaeZig Sector and that creating "another Vamont" was probably the best thing he could do for Vamont. Maleificus created and expanded Risardya as part of Vamont, adding between 5 and 10 persons to its population.

Lord Maleificus was responsible for the attempt to introduce a domestic market into DaeZig starting in 2010. He introduced a national currency, the Dee (Đ), and supported efforts to value it by conducting service sales with it. Detesting the embarrassing problem of Anti-Patriotism and the fact that "true DaeZig" consisted only of the Core Class (outsiders to it often rejecting Imperial authority), he brought about the DaeZig Citizenship Registry as a means to solve the problem once and for all by forcing all Subjects to join the Core Class or be banned from DaeZig.

The Overseer attempted to establish Border Control and E-Customs, but could not get Imperial sanction to do it. His proposal to ban Citizenship Refusals automatically was implemented only in Vamont, and the Citizenship Registry was used by most Sectors only as a profiling tool for intelligence purposes (rather than Citizenship being used to foster a sense of identity). Maleificus' currency was barely used, much to the dismay of himself and other Proto-Nationalists.


Maleificus came under what first was heavy scrutiny and later became outright revolt as he began pursuing policies deemed reckless under Silvianism. His strong insistence on loyalty from his subordinates to the Empress, to the point of heavy personal sacrifice, made other members of the establishment fear that he would exile or drive away questionable and self-interested elements whom DaeZig needed.

When the 2010 Sinsiran Advertising Committee Protests broke out and turned Anti-Patriotic, Maleificus was shocked by the appalling displays of disloyalty and disrespect for the Empress. Under pressure from Lord Vamont, he crushed the protests, traumatizing some of the protesters in the process. The event became known as Imperial Carsiekan Eagle Night, but Maleificus was heartbroken.

The events of Imperial Carsiekan Eagle Night changed Maleificus. From then on he thought he had to be feared, or would lose loyalty. He developed the Padded Iron Fist philosophy and thereafter exhibited a threatening, reckless demeanor wherever he went. Maleificus had been made Director of the Black Army at some point in 2010, but the military traditional clique retained its independence. When Maleificus vowed to replace the hardware used by the military with more "modern" hardware, the military demonstrated open insubordination.

As of mid-2010, the Empress and others continued to adore Maleificus, the accomplished and patriotic Overseer. His growing number of opponents respected him. Songs were written in his honor (including Maleificus Hero). His reputation rebounded when he declared his intention of being the first leader of DaeZig to give a video address: the State of the Zae Address. He founded the Voice of DaeZig news agency, initiated the development of a new Total Administration System (Aurora-SkyeNet) and agreed to make a rare foreign "trip" to meet leaders. Maleificus called his followers the New Iron: they were a Modernist, Nationalist and Liberal Ziggist constituency.

The Empress demanded colonies, and Maleificus was the first to answer, convincing his friend Lord Xnite to allow DaeZig to annex his sizable IRC community (which was given the name Entropia). Maleificus lent his support to efforts to colonize DeltaAnime (the Noorastania project) and metroid2002 (where the Black Army maintained IRC fire control and an outpost). Maleificus negotiated down or crushed repeative attempts by the Anti-DaeZig Entropian Administration to regain independence from DaeZig. Maleificus also created the short-lived PhoeNix.


A coalition of Right-wing forces was developing a growing aversion to Maleificus by the end of July, though it did not pose a threat to his job as important figures did not yet consider him an enemy. He had begun to exhibit by this point unstable behavior, due to his consumption of legal synthetic marijuana, but these problems were passed off as irrelevant. The "downturn" of his tenure occurred when he took a threatening stance against the Vamontian administration over the issue of Entropia being merged into Risardya (as a means to quell its dissent). The Vamontian administrators had no interest in incorporating a restive colony full of Anti-Patriots into their homogeneous Core Class Sector, and so they refused. Maleificus threatened to invade Vamont, leading to a use of force against him by Lord Vamont that exposed a deep New Iron-Silvianist divide.

The Sector Administrations of both Sinsira and Vamont were headed by pragmatic and Conservative Administrators, both able to control their populations better than the Empress or the Overseer. To make matters worse for Maleificus' credibility in a power struggle, the military command was dominated by Vamontians. With these factions of society, and growing sections of the Core Class taking objection to his fast-paced style and ever-growing set of new (non-indigenous) ideas, the Overseer was in trouble.

The Empress moved to smooth over differences in her establishment by allowing the Maleificusian Wars to take place, by issuing on August 10th 2010 the broadest declaration of war in DaeZig history (against all "Rogue Communities"). This united the Nationalists in both the Conservative and New Iron camps against their common hated enemy: the world outside DaeZig. Loosely defined, "Rogue Community" meant any community with prominent members who were Black Hats or Script Kiddies known for using malicious programs to attack other people online. This gave the Black Army a free license to attack virtually anything on the Internet that it wanted to, and the New Iron a cause to support.

Maleificus had already directed a successful war against NixTrixIRC, but he chose not to participate in the wars that would bear his name (though he did encourage them and lend them his weight politically, his addiction to synthetic marijuana had taken such a toll on him that he was on the verge of becoming bedridden). According to a Voice of DaeZig news report, the 10 wars that had been waged by DaeZig as of September 21st had resulted in half a dozen "malicious Internet users" losing their Internet service as the result of DaeZig spam-reporting their activities to their ISPs. A further 40 persons were declared "pacified" (probably as the result of their home IRC networks being shut down; this number is most likely an exaggeration as DaeZig could not have known what number became "passive").

The last great contribution of Lord Maleificus as Overseer was the restoration of the NIKOnet District as an entity truly distinct from the rest of Sinsira. He founded a brand new NIKOnet website coupled to a NIKOnet forum and containing a number of tools for members of the government to use. After this point, he succumbed to the effects of synthetic marijuana and ceased to use his computer. He continued to half-heartedly participate in his personal roleplay (one of the precursors to NIKOnet's Hihnina). No decisive standoff ever occurred between himself with his supporters at his side and the Silvianist Conservatives. The Conservatives convinced Empress Daesiga that he was unfit to be Overseer (by that point, physically, he was). He was made to resign as Overseer on December 8th and was replaced by Sinsiran Community Administrator Lord Kabaka.

District Administrator of Risardya

After recovering from his drug addiction in 2011, the former Overseer Lord Maleificus was made District Administrator of Risardya. Some advocated for him to be placed on the Council of Lords, but the Empress refused. He spent 2011 as a good administrator for Risardya. During this time he also patched over his differences with the DaeZig Right. When the Kabaka-Vamont Split occurred, his relationship with the Right had harmonized to the point he was no longer their enemy, but joined them and merged his New Iron movement into theirs. He joined General Akun, Lord Vamont and Lord Sakon in setting up the Far-Right National Political Commission.

When the Grander DaeZig Empire collapsed, Maleificus parted ways with Vamont. He would not accept Vamont's move to secede from "The Sinking Ship", declaring that he would withdraw Risardya from Vamont to rejoin DaeZig. Maleificus was traumatized by the collapse and could not accept the loss of the Empire he had dubbed "The Shining Star".

Reconstitution of the DaeZig Empire and role in the Darkened Years

Risardyo is one of the founding fathers of NIKOnet's DaeZig Empire and one of the Empire's chief maintainers. Since the reformation of DaeZig in 2013, he has been the Community Administrator of Sinsira and he has almost single-handedly kept the community afloat. Under his administration, Sinsira has weathered the Darkened Years, retaining a semi-sized population and occasionally even growing its population.



  • DaeZig Lord
  • Congressional Supervisor
  • Community Administrator of Sinsira


  • Owner of RawrNet Systems