Lord Death

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Vex Daek u Xao Daek`z Renz
Joined DaeZig 2002
Original Community Kingdom of Vamont
Current Community None
Role Veteran Citizen, former Masterlord
Level of Integration Core Class
Activity status In Utomi since 2007

Lord Death was the creator and founder of DaeZig (in his time known as DeathZig).



Thomas Vex (the boy who would later be known as Lord Death) may have been counted as a member of the Vamontian community as early as 2002. He did not garner much attention from initiated Vamontians, but, to the joy of the ex-Carsiekans at Vista, exhibited an unusually strong fascination with Vamont's Carsiekan past. King Jesse, and his mother, Harka jo Vista, who liked Thomas, provided him with the contact information of ex-Carsiekans, so that he could seek more information about the fields that interested him.

Very little is known about Thomas' early phone conversations with three persons who had been members of the Carsiekan nation before it disbanded. One of them was Alyssa jo Lupe.

In May of 2004, Thomas announced that he had found truth in the Carsiekan minority school of thought promoting Benevolent Darkness. He also announced his intention to start "something" in the same vein as Carsieka. The "something" would later turn out to be DaeZae, which Thomas founded, after writing his booklet, "The DeathZig Idea", in effigic blood. Thomas started calling himself Lord Death.

The DeathZig Idea was an angry piece of literature that attacked traditional social systems, expressed longing for an end to certain human tendencies (unwarranted violence, personal greed, and group segregation), and announced the creation of DaeZae. It served as the advertisement and manifesto for DaeZae, which probably came into existence on September 24th, 2004 (the precise date is unconfirmed).

Masterlord of DaeZae

Recounting what is left of the memories of available sources has confirmed long-standing assumptions that DaeZae as a nation was "about" Panentheism, Libertarianism, Gender Neutrality, Communalism, and Primitivism. Lord Death created a virtual tribal society (using Lifestyle Roleplaying) on IRC, sealing his status as a prodigy in the Neo-Carsiekan Verse.

Death was known for being wise beyond his years, emotionally mature, a convincing arguer, and highly charismatic. His mastery of language far exceeded what would be expected for a boy his age (12), enabling him to lead people as old as 30. These traits seem to have a profound effect on those around him, as he has been referred to as having been "like a god's presence". To his people, he was kind and gentle, but to the world outside of DaeZae and Vamont, he was hostile.

He recruited dozens of people into DaeZae, via the Internet. Some 20 of them became dedicated members.

Relationship with Vamont

Death wished for unity of Neo-Carsiekan Civilization, and saw federation of Vamont and DaeZae as necessary to achieve this. Vamont's King Jesse was persuaded to adopt this view. Death invented the practice of "Apprenticeship", as a means of teaching King Jesse the ways of himself and of DaeZae. He took the King as his Apprentice, and renamed him Lord Vamont (after his Kingdom). The two became close friends.

Death, now recognized as a major player in the Neo-Carsiekan Verse, intended to create a new Neo-Carsiekan Empire, with two Emperors (Masterlords) sharing complete sovereignty (but in practice maintaining authority over their home communities). He took the title "Masterlord of DaeZae", and instructed his Apprentice to adopt the title "Masterlord of Vamont", and the two of them spent half a year conducting cultural exchange between their subjects (to encourage Pan-Carsiekan sentiment).

Decline, Comeback and Utomi

On August 1st, 2005, the DeathZig Empire was founded. Initially, now-Emperor Death held equal sway (as had been intended). For unknown reasons, after now-Emperor Vamont ceased to be his student, Death gave away more and more of his authority to him. Through the Zarcades, and the DeathZig-LifeZig War, and the Ziggist Revolution, he expressed dismay, but offered little strong resistance, to what he saw as an excessively aggressive (and later "un-spiritual") approach by his Partner-turned-Successor. Essentially, Death made the decision to sit out Vamont's reign (unequivocally the most confusing thing he ever did (though Vamont was one of his best friends, the level of accommodation he showed Vamont was well in excess of what would be expected of a friend)).

In 2006, after DeathZig had fallen under the control of the FinalZig Union, and was on the verge of being destroyed by FinalZig's ideological policies, the Masterlord felt compelled to take back his authority. He founded a new polity (Neo-DeathZig) and waged the failed War of September against Vamont's FinalZig government, after openly accusing his successor of breaking the DaeZae spirit. After being defeated, he once again faded into the background, and begrudgingly served the FinalZig Union (because its ideology was based on his own).

The invasion of Neo-DeathZig by Lord Silvia in 2007 was the last straw for Lord Death. Not long after the unification of the Grander DaeZig Empire, he placed himself into self-imposed exile (Utomi).