Empress Xobb

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XIV Xobb jo NIKOnet
Born 1992
Joined DaeZig 2007
Original Community Sinsira
Current Community Sinsira
Role Gamer, Empress of DaeZig
Level of Integration Core Class
Activity status Active

Her Imperial Majesty from NIKOnet, Empress Xobb, DaeZig Empress is the seventh and current Imperial Sovereign of DaeZig. During her reign, which began on August 1st, 2016, DaeZig has undergone a recovery from the desolation known as the Darkened Years. It was hoped by the Establishment that her reign would see the infrastructural and socio-cultural rebound of the Empire, and that it would reach heights not seen since the collapse of Empress Silvia's Grander DaeZig Empire - DaeZig is making steady progress towards this goal.