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This article covering a very important topic is basic. A more thorough version of this article will be published once it is completed.

Nativism (known informally in modern times as DaeZig Shinto or Zjento) is a quintessential element of Carsiekan Spirituality. Its premise is very simple: that every Form (any identifiable element in physical or unphysical reality) has a "spirit". Everything, from the smallest subatomic particle, to the largest galaxy, is spiritually alive. Intermediate structures (such as humans, rocks, rivers and planets) are both spiritual lives in their own right and collections of smaller spiritual lives (both having their own spirit and the spirit of all of the pieces comprising them). The spirit of the Universe or Multiverse is God. Spirits are composed of layers made up of their components but are also whole (without need for any of their components) at the same time.

The name "Nativism" was given by King Johnathan, who said the name invoked Native Americans' spirituality (those beliefs he compared Nativism to). That was in the 1980s, and awareness of American Indigenous Peoples' interests has increased since then. The original Carsiekan-era name of this theory/philosophy (it is a philosophy because it was said that morality *required* it to be true) is now seen as legitimately offensive.