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Carsiekan Philosophy is the originalist (non-Western and non-Eastern) way of looking at things that was promoted by the government and Intellectual Clubs of the Kingdom of Carsieka, and the concepts and ideas which emerged from its application. Its primary goal and impetus was the abandonment of one's existing "facts of life" in favor of a re-evaluation of the nature of reality. It is very similar to Transcendentalism. Carsieka's philosophy and Spirituality intersected to such a great degree that it is arguably pointless to attempt to separate them. The notions and ideas which lived on after Carsieka have played a critical role in shaping DaeZig. The ambitions, traditional character and very nature of DaeZig as an entity (a "state" and a "civilization" "in" cyberspace) are built on Carsiekan thought.

Mandate and History

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Intellectual Clubs

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Listing of Archme Court ideas (early theories/Carsiekan axioms) and their sources

Ideas: Johnathanianism (source of "all is spirit" and "reality bends to righteousness" (these ideas are why Philosophy and Spirituality are one)), Nativism ("everything has/deserves its own soul"), Soul of Light ("light is/must be God's physical manifestation"), Worldwide Consolidation ("the world's civilizations should remake themselves in the image of Carsieka")


Note: Little is known about Carsieka's early development of a worldview, and nothing is known of the Intellectual Clubs of the 1980s.

Known Carsiekan Philosophers, Intellectual Clubs and their ideas in the 1990s

Aksiomsal Club

Ideas: StaRy Eyes Thought and multiple others (unknown)

The Aksiomsal Club was the "main" Carsiekan spirito-philosophy club during the 1990s. Unlike other things given the name "Intellectual Club", it was not dedicated to a particular ideology or intuition. This organization has been poorly studied and not much is known about it.

King's Recyclers Movement (1993)

Idea: Orders of Recycling

Dustin u Lockwood and his followers felt motivated by Nativism to recycle. They claimed to contact a Spurg (spirit) of the idea of Recycling who issued moral instructions relating to waste management. The word "Orders" refers not only to these instructions but also to different tiers of waste. Lockwood seems to have been obsessed with Environmentalism prior to his association with Carsieka.

Bonnie u Estrella (1995)

See: Bonnie u Estrella Skepticism

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Black Moon Fellowship (1996)

See: Benevolent Darkness

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