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Benevolent Darkness (VisDaeb or Benevolo Daeb) is the name of the lifestyle promoted by the defunct Black Moon Fellowship, a Carsiekan Intellectual Club. It is built on Bonnie u Estrella Thought. Benevolent Darkness was the national lifestyle DaeZae, later becoming the "national complex" of DeathZig. Benevolent Darkness is an alignment (overlapping with Chaotic Good), a perspective, and a creed.

Principals of "Benevolent Darkness"

According to tradition, one must meet the following criteria to be considered "Benevolently Dark":

  • Having shed the Ego (experienced Ego Death) at least once, and thereafter maintained constant awareness that the Ego and Self are superficial
  • Being fearless (having lost one's innate desire ("instinct") to protect the Self, after appreciating the truth)
  • Being "free" (not needing to conform as a means to protect the Ego and the Self)
  • Being sad for those who are not like oneself (because they live in fear, and are not "free")
  • Having a "warrior spirit" (having the desire to spread the "freedom" and the release from fear)

Path to "Benevolent Darkess"

"Achieving" Benevolent Darkness requires the deprogramming of one's human condition, and the development of an entirely new mental paradigm devoid of either the survival or self-benefit instincts. Practicing Neo-Rinzai is the accepted way of doing this.


The creators of this lifestyle, Christopher u Oak Shores and Lazarli u King City, were two Carsiekan idealists who sought a working formula to allow the inherently-submissive "Yin" to permanently overcome the inherently-dominant "Yang" in Humanity. The two "abandoned" this lofty goal after meeting Bonnie u Estrella, in whose unorthodox psychology these alignments had seemingly become one; encountering her "hybrid" alignment destroyed their understanding of what the alignments were in the first place - a duality between two fundamentally-incompatible forces.

Resolved to understand the true nature of the alignments, Christopher and Lazarli looked exactly where their previous understanding had fallen apart: Bonnie u Estrella's famous mind. Christopher and Lazarli then made a "discovery", which would shape Carsic history - after working with Bonnie's thought-systems, and looking at their earlier study material through the perspective created by those thought-systems, Christopher and Lazarli came to the surprising conclusion that the Yin/Yang duality actually did not exist as a duality at all, and that there were really four observable alignments: the Yin, the YinYang, the Yang, and the YangYin. They identified the "YangYin", which they referred to as "Benevolent Darkness", as their new preferred alignment - it, they said, had the benevolence of the "Yin" and the tenacity of the "Yang", and its adoption by Humanity would bring Humanity to their ideal condition.

Benevolent Darkness was never well-received in Carsieka. When Lazarli and Christopher boldly proposed making it Carsieka's state alignment, they were rejected by King Lazar, and relegated to obscurity. It was, however, preserved in the memories of some members of the Carsic community.

Lord Death, the founder of DaeZae, took an obsessive interest in Benevolent Darkness, after hearing about it from the Vamontians. He adopted it, spiritualized it, and laid the foundation for his own followers to develop Neo-Rinzai to better convert themselves to it. With Neo-Rinzai techniques, it became easy for someone to induce Ego Death (thereby annihilating the "Yang") without losing one's human nature fully (which would transform one into an embodiment of the "Yin"). This led to the popularity of the Benevolent Darkness "experience", raised interest in broader Bonnie u Estrella Thought, and brought a sense of national enlightenment that caused a spike in DeathZig Imperialism following the historic union with Vamont in 2005. Members of both DeathZig ethnicities adopted Benevolent Darkness as their creed, along with a sense of exceptionalism.

Benevolent Darkness, as an idea, began to decline in 2006, and today is marginalized once more, but it is still propagated throughout the fabric of DaeZig by ideologies such as Neo-Silvianism. A marker to its enduring memory, the colors of the Black Moon Fellowship are still the primary colors of the DaeZig flag.

Definition of "Benevolent Darkness"

The aim of "Benevolent Darkness" was to transform humans from personally-oriented creatures into a sort of "Aggressive and Resilient Good".

Christopher and Lazarli had come to believe that by compartmentalizing the Ego (not necessarily destroying it outright like in Bonnie u Estrella Thought, but certainly visiting her state of mind to gain the egoless perspective), and by (via Bonnie u Estrella Thought) debasing/limiting one's natural tendency to give certain self-connected things meaning (the Self and one's personal Attachments), and by committing to the aggressive pursuit of common pleasure (and strengthening one's natural aversion to witnessing suffering (NOT using Bonnie u Estrella Skepticism to debase/destroy one's compassionate drive)), with a free hand (logically debasing all morals using Bonnie u Estrella Thought, and also debasing/limiting the Fear of Failing Others (by compartmentalizing one's Attachment to Success For Others)), one could become a "Dark Light" that would stand for Good using the means of Evil (and having no positive flaws for Evil to exploit). The nature of this "Dark Light" was a "Benevolent Darkness".